Open Some Weekends in June 2018: June. 2,3/9,10/16,17/23,24. Weather Permitting, Please call us to confirm.

Open daily as of June 29th 2018. Weather permitting, please call us to confirm.

Open 10 am to 6 pm daily.


$25.00 + tax per person all day to close- anyone, any day.

$16.00 + tax per person for evening sliding starting at 3 pm.

$12.00 + tax per person for Dry Day Pass (no hot tub or slide access however you may supervise small children in the kiddie slide area)

5 at 5 deal Only $5 plus tax per person at 5:00 pm for the last hour of slidingĀ 

Ages 2 and under are always FREE

FREE viewing area for anyone who wants to just watch the fun (free viewing area guests cannot access the park facility).